Beyond the High Castle

  • Sat Oct 15, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Dave Sokolowski
  • Fiasco (Playtest)
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  • Cut/Break, Open Door policy
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Canon City, Colorado, 1962: Sixteen years after the Nazis bombed Washington, D.C., the Greater Nazi Reich rules Eastern North America, while the West is governed by the Japanese Pacific States. High in the Rocky Mountains lives the remains of the USA, those unwilling to submit to the will of the totalitarian state, those hiding secrets and their past, and those who are still willing to stand up and fight. The Resistance has a move to make, something to hide and sell, but there are spies, moles, and double agents everywhere. Time for plans to fall apart. Time for a fiasco. Loosely based on the Philip K Dick book and Amazon TV series “The Man in the High Castle.”

Game tags: Adventure, Alternate History, Collaborative, Comical, Dark, Drama, Espionage, GM-less, Hijinx, Intrigue, Noir, Romance, Suspenseful

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