The Wolf won’t leave you stranded without games when you need them most!

Dealers Room hours:

  • Friday 6PM-8PM
  • Saturday 10AM-6PM
  • Sunday 10AM-3PM

EndGameEndGame in Oakland

EndGame is very proud to support Big Bad Con! We will be on hand to handle all your gaming needs, including representing such folks as Indie Press Revolution, and stocking a wide variety of your favorite role playing games. We are really looking forward to seeing you all there!” – Chris Hanrahan

EndGame is so awesome, they are taking special orders as well! Want something at the con? Order now!

EndGame will donate 10% of it’s sales from our dealer’s room booth to Child’s Play.

Cherry Picked GamesCPG-Logo_white

Cherry Picked Games is a plucky tabletop game studio out of Seattle. We made the post-apocalyptic RPG, Catalyst, and the house-party drinking game, Drink!. We are currently working on Conspire, a hidden-role storytelling game (coming to Kickstarter soon).

Come by the CPG booth for demos of Catalyst, information on Drink! after parties, and to shape the world with a Conspire playtest.

Cherry picked games will donate 10% of it’s sales from our dealer room to the Alameda County Community Food Bank.


d-Bag says it’s time to go Big! Go Bad! and go to Con!

Do your dice overwhelm you? d-Bag has 6 individual compartments (one each for d-4’s, d-6’s, d-8’s, d-10’s, d-12’s, and d-20’s)… that’s why it’s called the d-bag! PLUS, it has a rolling surface in the middle so dice don’t go flying all over the table.

“I just received my bags today. Holy quality batman. These things are gorgeous.” – Steven B

“Got my bag yesterday, So happy with this! It holds a crap ton of dice too! … Amazeballs! Super happy here!” – Danny R

Check us out at

d-Bag will donate 10% of it’s sales from our dealer’s room booth to Child’s Play.