The Wolf won’t leave you stranded without games when you need them most!

Check out our Dealers Room throughout the con:

  • Friday 6PM-8PM
  • Saturday 10AM-6PM
  • Sunday 10AM-3PM

Want to be an exhibitor at Big Bad Con? We’ve got more info on our exhibitor application page.

Featured Dealer: EndGameEndGame in Oakland

EndGame is very proud to support Big Bad Con! We will be on hand to handle all your gaming needs, including representing such folks as Indie Press Revolution, and stocking a wide variety of your favorite role playing games. We are really looking forward to seeing you all there!” —Chris Hanrahan, co-owner

EndGame will donate 10% of its sales from Big Bad Con to Child’s Play.


B&B Games Studio logo final 20151008

B&B Games Studio

B&B Games Studio, a relatively new publisher who publishes modern, exciting games. Instead of traditional publishers that focus on business alone, we are a core team of gamers who publish the games ensuring game quality to consumer. Our sole focus is unique, fun games. B&B offers new and inventive gameplay rather than recycled mechanics.

Currently B&B has three published games. The Refuge was the first published game by B&B Games Studio which had three print batches, and has been sold out in two years in a row. Currently, B&B has six innovative projects in the pipeline and will soon become a local publisher to look at.

B&B will donate 10% of its sales from Big Bad Con to Doctors Without Borders.