The Wolf won’t leave you stranded without games when you need them most!

Dealers Room hours:

  • Friday 6PM-8PM
  • Saturday 10AM-6PM
  • Sunday 10AM-3PM

EndGameEndGame in Oakland

EndGame is very proud to support Big Bad Con! We will be on hand to handle all your gaming needs, including representing such folks as Indie Press Revolution, and stocking a wide variety of your favorite role playing games. We are really looking forward to seeing you all there!” – Chris Hanrahan

EndGame is so awesome, they are taking special orders as well! Want something at the con? Order now!

“EndGame will donate 10% of it’s sales from our dealer’s room booth to Child’s Play.”

VerBlueAmusementBanner BigBadCon ResizeVer.Blue Amusement

We are an analog game company, bringing Japan’s table games to the United States and other parts of the world. We look for games that bring something unique to the table, such as interesting systems or mechanics that add a new dimension to story narrative.

Our current project is Double Cross, a roleplaying game created by Far East Amusement Research (F.E.A.R). A modern-fantasy game, Double Cross centers on human relationships and sacrifice, and reinforces those themes by using a resource management mechanic to get players to think about their characters’ motivation.
Other than Double Cross, we also brought along several sample Japanese RPG books. Feel free to browse through them and let us know what interests you.